Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Never mind Lost in Translation, I'm Famous in Cincinnati!

Oh my goodness, I've just done an interview with a radio station in Cincinnati, Ohio! Last week it was the Cincinnatti Inquirer and that lead to this 'interesting' article. I was telling somebody the other day that although you have to get publicity in order to get the public on your side and be able to make changes, I feel really uncomfortable with it and it stresses me out. So I have weeks where I just think "right, head down, work but no press coverage". I thought that on 18 November last year as I was headed home and two minutes later I got a text telling me the Mhangos had been detained - that lead to the most sustained press and media coverage I have ever had.

I thought it last week and suddenly I've created an "international incident" and I'm doing transatlantic interviews! I really think in order to calm the whole thing, they should invite me over so they can apologise for taking the name of my city in vain, don't you?

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  1. Hi Ann,

    Difficult one to call. Sometimes you just get more adverse publicity when trying to right a wrong. Think of the number of times a libel action prolongs the agony for the libelled by giving the press the opportunity of going over the whole thing again. On the other hand, some positive publicity might come of it.

    Anyway, how much attention should we give to the opinions of people who cannot even pronounce the name* of their own city correctly.


    *Cincinnati is, I understand, pronounced Cincinnata by the locals.