Sunday, 28 March 2010

Prescott's arrogance

I was dashing about all over the place yesterday - a dawn to dusk day - and so I only caught a brief couple of minutes of the Labour conference in Glasgow. What I caught was something that made my blood boil.

John Prescott!

Referring to Glasgow East and another by-election loss that I didn't manage to catch, he urged the Labour members to win them back saying, with that typical Labour arrogance:

"they BELONG to US". (Ferocious emphasis was put on the word "belong".)

Incredible! For a political party to believe it has ANY entitlement to ANY seat is for it to have completely lost the plot.

Glasgow East does NOT belong to the Labour Party. The seat is currently held by John Mason of the SNP. It does not belong to him or the SNP either.

John Mason knows that. He was stunned to hear Prescott's words and put out a statement saying that:

"Seats are not Labour seats or Lib Dem seats. They are not even SNP seats. They are the people's seats."

Compare and contrast - what a world of difference between the Labour Party who EXPECT your vote and the SNP who expect to EARN your vote.

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