Monday, 22 March 2010

The BBC needs to know that Scotland EXISTS!

I am sick to the back teeth of the BBC misrepresenting the political situation in Scotland. This report tonight tells us:

"Hundreds of breaches of parliamentary rules by MPs who accepted free overseas trips from foreign governments have been uncovered by a BBC investigation."

It then goes on to say:

"between them, the MPs -


breached parliamentary regulations on more than 400 occasions."

The Scottish National Party GOVERNS SCOTLAND. The SNP was elected by the people of Scotland to govern our country. I'd say that makes us a major party in Scottish terms and in UK terms.

NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THE MPS FEATURED BELONGS TO THE SNP. I'm writing to the BBC to get that report changed. I know people who will be on this blog telling me I'm over-reacting, being paranoid, overly sensitive.

I'm not. If you're going to give me that argument about how everyone knows they're talking about the UK and in percentage terms we're not a major party, don't bother. That report is on the BRITISH Broadcasting Corporation's main news page. It's not on the English pages, it's on the BRITISH pages.

The reason WHY it matters is because thousands of people living in Scotland will read that and the words "from all the major parties" will mean to them, that it includes the SNP. They won't think to themselves "hang on, this is a report about the REST of the UK"!

It's time the BBC woke up to the fact that SCOTLAND EXISTS and the SNP is the party of choice for the people of Scotland right now. Time to acknowledge us. And distance us from this latest scandal!

*** Note to all the smarty pants out there. The article has been changed. I quoted word for word what it said but obviously this is a super powerful blog and they feared the wrath of Indygal. However, "all 3 major parties" is not much of an improvement.

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  1. Anne
    The article actually stated 'from all 3 major parties'. This is a big difference form 'all the major parties'. The Lib Dems have 12 Scottish Seats in Westminster. On a UK level, they are a bigger party than the SNP. Tories and Labour are the 2 main parties by any stretch of the imagination across the UK. I'm not really sure why you are making an issue out of this.