Monday, 22 March 2010

Another nail in the coffin of Labour sleaze

I'm just hearing tonight that 3 Labour MPs have been suspended from the Parliamentary Labour Party. Patricia Hewitt, Geoff Hoon and Stephen Byers were caught by undercover reporters boasting that they'd fixed it for the government to change policies and trying to flog their services for up to £5,000 a day! They're now saying they overstated the case and maybe they did - at job interviews you're supposed to blow your own trumpet. But it just seems a bit grubby to be punting themselves like that. Grubby, sad and greedy. They are on their way out, they've all already lost their ministerial posts. But why can't they just go and do an honest day's work like everyone else in the world? Why have they got to sell themselves like "a cab for hire" as Stephen Byers apparently said? Why not just be a cabbie?

Personally I know how fortunate I am to be in this great job earning this great salary. I don't expect it to last forever and although when it all comes to an end as it inevitably will (and should) one day, like everyone else in the world I'll want to earn a decent wage, I certainly won't be averse to earning "real world" money again.

This lot needs to learn that they struck it lucky, got great jobs (no doubt worked incredibly hard, no denying that) and earned great money. Now it's back to the real world and it ain't that bad - in fact it's good for you to find out what it's like to live in that real world that you've helped to create. So get on with it and stop flogging yourselves to the highest bidder!

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