Friday, 5 March 2010

Glasgow Labour - no longer smelling of roses

I am shocked at some of the things I'm hearing (and apparently those who read the Sunday papers will be hearing them too) regarding the mystery of Steven Purcell. Actually I'm not shocked because I have heard many of these things over the years. What IS shocking me is that finally the press are taking an interest in the wider issues around all of this.

It's not like we've not told them often enough but only now have they decided it's newsworthy. The cynic in me can't help but feel had there been stories like this about the SNP there would have been no delay in going to print. When it comes to the Labour Party, the press often acts as a literary shield for them and it's only when the evidence mounts up so much that the story becomes almost irresistable that they act.

Read Sunday's papers and I think you'll learn something about the culture of the Labour Party ...

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