Friday, 5 June 2009

Brown Sugar?

Continuing on the musical theme, what on earth is Alan Sugar thinking of agreeing to become Gordon Brown's Enterprise Tsar? Is this man not supposed to be particularly astute? Maybe it's all part of a cunning plan that will end with the irascible entrepreneur pointing the finger at the PM and uttering the infamous words "you're fired"!

I have to say The Apprentice is the only TV programme I make the effort to watch these days. I love it! I like the aftershow too and I particularly like the bit where the latest firing victim appears before an audience who hold up HIRED or FIRED cards. Could we not do that here?

Could we not have GB stand before us so we can decide if he should be hired or fired? Well we MAY be able to do so depending on the outcome of the SNP/Plaid Cymru motion calling for the dissolution of parliament. It will be interesting to see how many Labour backbenchers vote for it - then again when did you ever hear of a turkey voting for Christmas?

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