Monday, 8 June 2009

Too busy to celebrate in the SNP

I had a conversation with a senior nat tonight about the archetypal SNP activist. We're a funny lot. We've just had an absolutely sensational victory in a national election and we should be out celebrating. Indeed I've had numerous texts and emails congratulating me on the party's success from friends and family outwith the SNP. Folk are asking what I'm doing to celebrate. So what am I doing? Same as the rest of the activists - nothing. Were too busy working on the next election. I remarked to this friend that in the first 20 years I was a member we lost just about every election and we reacted in much the same way - just got out the next day and started again.

I was laughing / marvelling / bemused at the psyche of a Scottish Nationalist and the way in which win or lose we don't waste a minute of campaigning time. He pointed out that it was because we have an unfinished job to do ie we are not yet Independent. And he is right. He made me realise that this is why in the forthcoming by election in Glasgow North East we will outnumber all the other parties put together - just like we always do.

Because we have this wonderful goal we are aiming for, a goal all of our activists are 100% committed to, a goal we've never lost sight of, not for a second. I am unclear what the goal of the other major parties is aside from keeping their positions. In the SNP we don't care about that. Individuals being elected is a means to an end - the end being Independence and normality for our country. There is not a single elected SNP politician who would not swap their position in return for Scotland's Independence. That absolute dedication to a cause is why there are no big celebrations of our incredible result in the Euro elections. There will be plenty of time for partying when we win the Independence referendum. Until then, there's work to be done!

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