Friday, 19 June 2009

One rule for them?

There's been another frustrating delay in the sentencing of Neil MacGregor, the guy who was found guilty some time ago of threatening to blow up mosques and behead muslims. Sentence today was deferred for the SIXTH time - this time a social enquiry report was missing. It's ridiculous. Some of us are watching this carefully to see what the sentence will be and how it's covered in the press. We've got this little theory that if Neil MacGregor was a muslim and he'd phoned the police threatening to behead Christians and blow up churches, it would have been front page news and he'd be branded a terrorist. As ever I am not condoning anyone's threats of violence but we should all be treated the same. So far there's been next to no press on this but I'll await the outcome of the sentencing with baited breath. Actually, maybe I better not hold my breath. But I'll definitely be interested to see what happens.

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