Sunday, 7 June 2009

Countdown begins

Am off out now to the SECC where the counting of the Glasgow votes is taking place. It's going to be a funny one. Having been through several million elections I've realised that all those political buddies of mine who think they've worked out the result (all men funnily enough), have about as much a clue as the rest of us. Without exit polls you really cannot judge it.

I can tell you that lots of people winked at me as they went into the polling place. I can tell you lots of people moaned about the Labour party when I went to their doors. I can tell you everyone I know voted SNP. None of these things tell us much. Folk might have a nervous twitch or perhaps they're just being nice. Others may moan about Labour - doesn't mean they won't vote for them and it doesn't mean they're voting SNP. And in the run up to the election I rarely see any of my non SNP friends so of course everyone I've spoken to voted SNP.

Therefore, I would say that my method of prediction (instinct) is about as reliable as theirs. Normally I don't predict, I just work till I drop, then hope and pray. Sometimes though, you get a feeling about something. And I have one now. My instinct (along with an educated guess given the current turmoil in politics) tells me that the SNP could well be on track to have a very very good night. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong. But I don't think I will be.

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