Saturday, 6 June 2009

Tom Harris

I met this fellow blogger tonight - MP Tom Harris. We were watching a pipe band and we had a "debate" about what would be the best national anthem for Scotland. We agreed on Highland Cathedral in the end. Who says opposing politicians can't compromise? You can only take these things so far mind you. I thought whilst I was speaking to him I may as well try and get his vote for the SNP motion calling for the dissolution of parliament next week. Wasn't too successful - turkeys, votes, Christmas and all that - but you gotta try!


  1. Full marks for trying though Indy. Highland Catherdral is wonderful played outdoors by a good pipe band but not so sure about it being our anthem. Will have a word with some more knowledgeable than me.

  2. Highland Cathedral is an excellent piece of music, but we need something that will pass the Hampden/Murrayfield test.

    Need a song.

    Need Caledonia.