Friday, 5 June 2009

England gets the blues

It's not nice watching all these English councils fall to the Tories and despite the fact that
I seriously struggle to see the difference between Tory and Labour these days I still feel some sadness. Maybe it's because there are inevitably still some left of centre politically principled people in the Labour Party - none of either of those descriptions exist in the Conservative & Unionist Party. Or perhaps it's because I fear for the people of England.

At least here we have other options, in particular the SNP which, two years into government, is still very popular and still trusted. Sadly until the parties down south get their act together, all they appear to have left is the Tories and with the exception of the BNP, they will always be bottom of any ballot paper I'm filling in. I'd say today is a sad day but I've been feeling sad about politics down south since the day the Labour Party conference voted against Trident and their leadership (was it Neil Kinnock?) said "tough" - the beginning of the end.

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  1. I think we all recognize modern Labour-run councils for the sham they are. Partly they are victims of budgets set by outside conditions, partly they are ideologically exhausted, with few services left to provide anyway. Don't spare any tears for them, please...