Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Are all Tories called George?

Just watched David Cameron emerge from Tory Central to a cheering crowd and as he's doing the glad handing thing he says to one guy "how are you George?" and explains to Samantha ("one of our candidates"). Then he shakes the hand of the next guy and says "not far from home eh George?" and then the next guy "good to see you George"! Hilarious. Either they're all called George or he's doing the fake sincerity "you're all my buddies cos I'm such a nice guy" act. Hmmm, I wonder which it could be.

Perhaps one of his lines in his soapbox style speech which he's making right now, provides us with the answer. "We say to young men, yes we will give you training but if you don't take the training or the job we offer you, you can't continue on benefits." Note the singular. Now I don't believe it's healthy for someone to continually knock back work but ONE offer? Take it or leave it? They infuriate me and anyone who claims (as happened recently) that I'd like to see a Tory victory because it will bring Independence around a lot quicker, doesn't know me at all.

I don't see a great deal of difference between Labour and the Tories these days and that is one of the saddest things ever to happen in British politics. However, the fact that the Labour Party has lurched to the right in the way that it has, only gives the Tories the impetus to go even further to the right when / if they get into power. I don't see much chance of it being anything other than a Tory victory and we really need to make sure we have as many SNP MPs elected as possible because in all of this, Scotland will be forgotten. SNP MPs won't let that happen - you can say what you like about the SNP but nobody will deny that they will always put Scotland's interests first.

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