Sunday, 18 April 2010

Calls for Alex Salmond to run England!

So often when you listen to English arguments about Scotland having its own parliament and whether or not England should, the resentment towards us becomes obvious. Why are they getting free education? How come their council tax is frozen? Why am I paying over £7 for a prescription and they're only paying £3? As I say it's often tainted with resentment towards Scotland and views are expressed that we have no right to be getting something they're not.

However I just caught a bit of the BBC programme "The Big Questions". An English woman in the audience talked about how annoyed it made her when she read about all of these things that we have in Scotland but they can't get in England.

"But" she said "my solution to that is that we get the Scottish Government to run the rest of us". Very good point, very well made and probably the most sensible comment on the whole issue I have ever heard. Because that really is the point isn't it? It's not about Scotland vs England, it's about governments who are good at their job vs governments who are not!

As a footnote I completely agreed with the points about Scotland not having top up fees and yet England had them imposed by a vote that depended on Scottish Labour MPs supporting it. That's clearly not fair.

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  1. Another of my fave blogs, besides your own,
    also ran a post on this programme.
    The blogger also took part in the studio discussion, here -
    The Big Question
    Socialist Unity
    19 Apr 2010

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