Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Back to work?

I've found a great new way to blog, I'll just react to snippets I hear on the news. Like this one - the BBC newsreader just said "with Holyrood back in business, MSPs will be joining the campaign trail for the Westminster elections". Like we've all been on holiday. Like the campaign didn't start 2 years ago. Ah, maybe she's talking about the Labour Party. I'm not saying they take your vote for granted but remember John Prescott talking about constituencies "belonging" to Labour, Glasgow East for instance. Talking of which I was just leaving John Mason's campaign HQ in Shettleston last night when a guy came in to inform me that the Labour Party were out in force IN their campaign rooms, drinking champagne. No idea if it's true or not but maybe that's where the BBC newsreader is getting this idea of holidays and campaigns starting a few weeks before polling day.

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