Monday, 19 April 2010

Don't let them suppress your voice

I always think it suits certain political parties that there are such high numbers of people who don't vote and so many who are not even registered to vote. These tend to be the people who are most disillusioned and it suits some politicians because they know if the most disillusioned voters actually did vote, it wouldn't be for them.

I was shocked recently to read that 100,000 people in Glasgow alone have not registered to vote. That is just crazy, that's giving up and not even trying to make yourself heard. If you're one of those people you can still register. You have until tomorrow, Tuesday 20th April to fill in this simple form here and take it to the registration office in Queen Street. Post it today first class, take it in tomorrow or tell me and I'll get someone to hand it in for you. But whatever you do, don't lose your vote!

And if you live outside Glasgow, go to this website and get your form and address where you should submit it. It will take all of ten minutes and it may seem like a small thing but it isn't - being able to vote is one of the foundations of our democracy and if you're not registered, you are in effect saying you don't mind not being included in the democratic process.

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