Saturday, 10 April 2010

Grand Nationalists get saddled up

Ach what a shame. The Labour Party thought they'd come up with a great poster for the election. How they must hate us pesky nationalists for pipping them at the post on the day they launched it by unveiling ours an hour earlier.

I thought I'd leave it till today when half the country's getting excited about some horse race at Aintree - and the other's half's campaigning against it.

It's all to play for as they say but it's certainly no two horse race. Yes it's true, the SNP cannot win across the whole of the UK (but only because we don't have candidates in other countries) and Angus Robertson will not be Prime Minister of the UK. But what we can do is elect a substantial group of SNP MPs who will speak up for Scotland at every opportunity and who could get substantial concessions for us in a hung parliament situation. That has got to be better than where we are now but oh how it grates on me that we should have to think in terms of "concessions". The sooner our Independence referendum gets under starter's orders, the better.

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