Sunday, 18 April 2010

The world's grinding to a halt!

Half the world has been plunged into chaos because of the volcano in Iceland and it's affecting things I hadn't even thought about. Teachers only have certain times they can go on holiday (more than most of course but there's no flexibility) and the result is that many go away at Easter. Now there are many of them stuck abroad. So what happens to the kids, who teaches them?

And there's a plane full of armed forces personnel who've been fighting in Afghanistan, stuck in Cyprus. They were coming home for well deserved (and no doubt desperately needed) family time but they've no chance. And given that members of the armed forces have to take the time travelling home out of their annual leave days (which is outrageous), they're unlikely to get any of that time back. Imagine their kids excitedly waiting to see them and not being able to. My dad was in the army and I remember when he had to go away it was terrible. So the excitement in the house when he was coming home for a visit was almost at fever pitch.

It's all very well being stuck in a nice hot country for an extra few days / week / an indeterminate period of time but if you can't afford it, what are you supposed to do? Expect to hear some dreadful stories over the next few weeks and spare a thought right now for those who want to and need to come home but can't.

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