Thursday, 15 April 2010

More from the murky underworld of Glasgow Labour

I said a while back on this blog that there was much much more to come out of the murky world of Glasgow City Council Labour group and here's just one of those stories. You have to have sympathy with someone with a drug problem but when people are making decisions about my future, I think I'd prefer their judgement not to be impaired by chemicals, especially uncontrolled illegal ones, thanks very much!

She's denying it and who knows what the truth of it is. But I did always wonder why Councillor Ruth Black got herself elected as the only Solidarity councillor and almost immediately showed anything BUT solidarity with her party and defected to Labour of all parties! I mean, Solidarity and the SSP came about as an internal reaction AGAINST the way the Labour Party was going. It was always a puzzle to me.

I've always liked the clarity you get when you find out where that tough piece of the jigsaw goes.

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