Sunday, 7 November 2010

"Anne you really suit that moustache" - my mother's always wanted a boy!

The things they make you do in that place! Here's me with Sandra White and Aileen Campbell posing in moustaches!

It's all for a good cause. We're encouraging the men we know to take part in Movember and grow a moustache to raise money for and awareness of men's cancers.

You can read more here. First time I've been in The Sun! Actually, it's not. I once forgot that our committees are televised and started talking about how much I love graveyards. That got in The Sun! First time I've been in it wearing a moustache though!

I showed my mum today and she said what a few others in parly had already said. Apparently, according to my mum et al "that moustache really suits you Anne"! Not entirely sure if she was suggesting I wear it regularly or not! I won't be!

However, as Mo-Sista to the male researchers in parly I'll happily monitor their moustaches! And YOU can help them by donating something as sponsorship for them - they really deserve it because trust me, most of them do NOT suit it lol. You can donate at this page.

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  1. Thanks for the plug Anne; my face is actually hilarious atm.