Monday, 1 November 2010

Not ALL Glaswegians will be miserable tomorrow

Apparently today, Monday 1st November, is the most miserable day of the year and Glaswegians are the most miserable folk in the UK. (I would like to add that they mean "unhappy". I take "miserable" to mean "whingeing" which we most certainly are not.)

So, I've got news to cheer you up. If you live in Castlemilk that is. And you have to be on Jobseekers Allowance. If you do and if you are, I have persuaded FirstGlasgow that as of today you should be able to get half price bus fares to help you get out and about looking for work. I've sent over a thousand letters advertising the month long pilot scheme and there have been posters all over the place. But I'm still very keen to let people know.

If it works, FirstGlasgow will consider rolling it out across Greater Glasgow on a longer term basis and that would just be brilliant news. But if there's no interest, the idea will just fizzle out and that will be a great shame.

So, if you know anyone living in Castlemilk tell them about it please. Basically they get the zonecard from FirstBus for £7 for the week instead of the usual £14 but they have to get it in advance by sending proof of JSA, the money and a letter with contact details to FirstBus on Butterbiggins Road. I hope it will make a real difference to people's ability to get out and put themselves about on the job market.

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