Saturday, 6 November 2010

Keep helping Haiti

Watching a report on Channel 4 news about Haiti and they've just interviewed a young guy who lost a leg and a mum and dad in the earthquake. He survives now by begging but explained that he has an additional difficulty in that people assume his leg is gone because he's been caught stealing and that was his sentence. How cruel has life been to this young guy? I can't even imagine the loss and the devastation on his life.

It's easy to be put off helping because it all seems insurmountable but it's not as you can see if you read this 6 months on update. Many thousands of people are alive and starting to get their lives back on track because of the help many of you have given. So please don't think your money won't make a difference because it will.

I'm an Ambassador for Glasgow the Caring City and if you click on this link you can find out how you can help them to keep making a difference in Haiti.

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