Sunday, 7 November 2010

Fireworks for 14 minutes

It's not the best photo in the world but what I like about it is that it shows crowds of people enjoying themselves and I particularly love seeing wee kids on their daddies' shoulders trying to catch the fireworks.

This was taken on Friday evening at the Fireworks Display at Glasgow Green. It was great, quite spectacular in fact but I was stunned when it finished after 14 minutes!!!

I guess it's cutbacks which is fair enough but ONLY if the hospitality tent was also cut back. Oor cooncil has a habit of offering lavish hospitality when it's completely unnecessary. And in today's climate, it's completely inappropriate. I couldn't tell you if they had one on Friday night because I'm not a Labour MSP and it seems to be only they who are invited to most events in Glasgow. I think what the council argues is that it's constituency MSPs who are invited, not "list" MSPs. It's just coincidence that most of them are Labour!

Anyway I'm going off the point which is to say that there were thousands of very happy people watching the fireworks on Friday night and for once, it didn't rain. Great night - or should I say "great 14 minutes"?!

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