Saturday, 6 November 2010

Please send messages of support to these guys TONIGHT

I was just thinking how dark and cold it is outside and how I'd really like it if my heating would work properly. In fact I was thinking of bringing the duvet through and settling in for the night and although I can't say I was feeling sorry for myself, I will admit I was a bit grumbly about the cold.

Then I remembered that some friends of mine are sleeping out in George Square tonight and I'm fairly confident that no matter how much difficulty I have heating my ground floor flat, they will be a whole lot colder than me. It's all for a good cause. They all work for Positive Action in Housing which is a Scottish charity supporting asylum seekers who are completely destitute ie without accommodation or income.

They're sleeping out to raise awareness but also to raise money so please, as you cosy up inside, think of what they're doing for the cause that matters so much to them and send a donation. You can do it online here or you can PLEDGE your donation by emailing or by texting 07530690234 telling them how much you will donate. They'll contact you later for your contribution. Let them know if you want to be anonymous because they're listing their supporters on 29th November.

Don't forget you can use that number to send messages of support to Jamie, Robina and Suki on this cold, dark, rainy November night.

The great thing about them is that as I'm remembering how lucky I am compared to them tonight, I know they will stick it out because they know how lucky they are that it's their choice and it's only one night.

As they know only too well, there are so many people out there on our streets, many of whom have fled state sponsored persecution in their home country, some of whom don't yet speak English and so have even more difficulty asking for help, yet they're not entitled to help anyway and instead are forced to sleep on the streets and rely on the kindness of passers by and the likes of PAIH. Even PAIH can't solve all their problems, they can only give limited help from their hardship fund. But the more you give, the more they can help so please do donate.

Right, I'm away to throw more coal on the fire. Good luck guys - you're far better people than I am :-)

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