Saturday, 8 May 2010

Britain's Got Talent graces Scotland with a visit

Limmy's not happy with Britain's Got Talent judges. He is absolutely right and makes a very good political point. We're all so used to it we don't question it half the time. I can predict who will be commenting on this post but I'll keep it to myself.


  1. You have spooky powers of premonition Anne. What a prediction.

    OK, firstly this is a bit of a straw man scenario. The first series of BGT in 2007 did not have a Scottish audition, but all series subsequently have rightly visited Glasgow. Where did you dig up this video Anne? There is surely no need to go searching for paranoia.

    The first series featured 4 auditions. 3 were in London (urban area population 8 million), Birmingham (urban area population 2.3 million) and Manchester (urban area population 2.2 million) These are by far the 3 biggest conorbations in the UK.
    The non English audition venue of Cardiff (population 300000) rather than Glasgow (population 1.15 million) could be regarded as controversial, but is hardly the stuff scandals are made of. The auditions have visited Glasgow since 1998 anyway.

    As far as the judges are concerned, I'm not sure I would like to analyse their cutting remarks for informed political analysis but….

    Morgan didn't say 'they have got more talent blah blah ' in the video, he said 'the Scottish have got more talent'.... Why is this bloke so keen to construct a provocative 'us and them' scenario, when this is not necessarily the case?

  2. aye funny that! I didn't look for it, an English mate of mine who runs an England world cup blog wrote to Limmy (who most folk find quite funny) and asked him to support England and he said no. He sent me the exchange and you too can read it:

    You have to learn to chill a bit Paul and not take everything so seriously. Intriguing that you know so much about Britain's got talent though ...