Saturday, 29 May 2010

Rab McNeil - my hero till he picks on me!

No matter how busy my week gets, no matter how tired I'm feeling, there is always one way to alleviate the stress even if only for a few minutes. That, is to read Rab McNeil in the Caledonian Mercury. I read this posting about the first FMQs after the Westminster election on the train one day and was laughing out loud, really couldn't stop myself. It was all the funnier because it is so accurate. And he is right when he says the behaviour of some of the Labour MSPs "would disgrace a nursery playground in the roughest part of town". Yes we've all been known to heckle and of course politics is not a polite business but honestly, sometimes I'm cringeing. Particularly the times when I've gone to speak to a group of school children who've been in the gallery for FMQs and they tell us they would NEVER be allowed to do that kind of thing in school. Precisely.

They seemed to have calmed down this week. Possibly because some of them guessed their leader had been misinformed and was therefore making a mountain out of a speck of dust but more likely they've been reading Rab and taking note.

This week's is as good as always apart from one comment which if you read it you will know what I'm referring to - I won't draw attention to it by repeating it! I love when he talks about Iain Gray's usual line "you control nothing Salmond but it's still all your fault"! Fantastic. Of course if he ever says anything horrible about me, I'll no doubt change my mind and probably hide for a very long time - I'm sensitive like that! Anyway, if you don't already read Rab, you must make a point of it!

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