Wednesday, 12 May 2010

It'll all be better in the morning ...

I will be wearing black in parliament tomorrow. I haven't the heart for bright colours. It's a dark day for Scotland, a dark day for the whole of the UK and I'm very very worried. It's difficult to join in some of the more humourous discussions on Facebook about the fact that when we wake up tomorrow morning it will be to a new Tory Britain.

However, if you need cheering up for a brief moment, take a look at Facebook and the groups that are setting up in reaction to the news. My favourites at the moment are

"Gordon Brown should've resigned AFTER Eastenders" and

"I can't do this exam, I'm too stressed out about David Cameron being Prime Minister"!

I nearly can't do this blog for the same reasons! No doubt there will be more to say tomorrow and you never know, when we wake up it might all have been a communal nightmare!

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