Saturday, 8 May 2010

Coming back to life post election

Now that the election is over (for the moment at least) we can all get on with normal life. So here's the top five on my "to do" list.

1) Finish reading The Shack before my mum's book group meets tomorrow - she changed the date to give me time so if I don't manage it I'll have to do what I did last time and just talk about how I thought the START of the book was the most interesting.

2) Get a working phone. First phone ended up in the washing machine and died so had to put my SIM in the old phone which had spent some time in the Indian Ocean. I can text but the microphone doesn't work unless I have an earpiece which I lost in a bundle of leaflets and the one I bought to replace it hurts my ear. I have tried to get a phone but got caught in the middle of Orange and Carphone Warehouse and ended up with nothing. Today I will walk into a shop and will not leave till I get what I want.

3) Make up a DVD for my mum. It was her 70th Birthday in April and we managed somehow to organise a party for her and make up a video of family and friends saying what they love about her. She loved it but it's on my laptop and so she can only see it when she sees me which, during a general election, is not often. So today, I have to put it onto DVD for her - something tells me it won't be quite that straightforward!

4) Shopping and cleaning. I don't even mean good shopping, I mean essential shopping - milk would be nice, bread without blue bits would help. Nice healthy good-for-you-food would be a big treat and it's not that I didn't have any at all, it's just that I didn't USE any at all! Cleaning - just can't wait, been looking forward to this for weeks - NOT! But it has to be done and it SHALL be done.

5) Phone or maybe even meet my friends (although I can't invite them round till I've completed no 4). I have no idea why non SNP friends still speak to me because I neglect them enough when I'm just working but when there's an election on, there is no point in me being your friend because I'm just useless. I don't want to be and I'm really lucky to have such great friends (Gillian, Anne, Thea, Mary, Lesley to name but a few) and I just hope they understand that I'd rather be chilling out with them but I know there is a better future out there for our country and I HAVE TO do something about it. It's like an addiction but a GOOD one!

Right, so I'm going to switch off the 24/7 speculation on TV of the coalition talks, I'm logging out of Facebook and I'm off to shop, clean and be nice to my friends but only when I've read two more chapters of The Shack. And when I look up again, if I find we've got a Tory / Lib Dem government, I'm not going to be happy!

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