Saturday, 18 July 2009

David Kerr selected for by election

It's official, we have our candidate for the Glasgow North East by election. Last night local party members were delighted to have David Kerr as our candidate. I have to laugh when I read the absolute nonsense some of the press have been writing about this. I won't repeat any of it. All I will say, with absolute conviction, is that we, as a local party, would have been very happy if Grant had been selected but he didn't go for it. We were delighted when James was selected and deeply upset for him when he had to stand down.
And we are extremely happy to have David as our candidate now. That's the fortunate thing for us in the SNP, no matter what order we would have put the aforementioned in, we knew we had a wealth of talent to choose from.
It's funny when you read an account of something you've been at the heart of and you know it to be completely untrue. Just look at the faces of the members as they congratulated David last night - we're happy, he's happy and hopefully soon, the people of Glasgow North East will be happy when they switch from Labour for the first time in 74 years!

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