Monday, 13 July 2009

Ten Days Teetotal

I've not updated on the alcohol situation for a while but that's because I'm so fit and healthy now I'm always out jogging round the park or climbing mountains. OK maybe not that much of a difference. To be honest I'm beginning to wonder why I started this. It's been ten days and it's not been hard at all. There have been very few challenging moments. I had a Chinese takeaway one night and I wanted a glass of wine then but that's just the association one has with the other for me. That's easy enough to overcome. I had a bit of a long and tiring weekend and I thought it might be nice to have a glass of wine but again, as I've said before, that was only about the association of alcohol with relaxation. I resisted (there's wine in the house) and I was perfectly relaxed.

I think the biggest challenge will be when I'm back at parliament so I'll definitely do it then. Now, if I'm honest, the only negative in not drinking is that I sometimes feel a bit "bored". But then, when I analyse that and try to work out how alcohol would relieve the boredom, I just don't have an answer.

I was beginning to think this was all a bit of a pointless exercise (the blogging about it rather than the giving up of alcohol) when I remembered something that I'm pretty sure will be a challenge for me. Tomorrow I am going to see Springsteen at Hampden Park. I love him (understatement) and I am so looking forward to it but the thought of having no alcohol is spoiling it a bit for me. It's not that I want to get drunk. I guess it's just that we've all got our inhibitions and at a gig like that you just want to let yourself go. Alcohol will help me do that. Hmmm, I'm not confident that I'll stay teetotal tomorrow. I know I could if I had to but I don't really. However, seeing as it's not really been much of a challenge so far, I will go with the intention of not drinking and I'll do my best not to. Still, ten days, not bad eh?

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