Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Nae drinking at the Springsteen gig

I will blog at length later on about the Bruce Springsteen gig last night - he was incredible. However I thought I'd do a quick update on the alcohol situation. If you've been reading the blog you'll know I've given up alcohol for July to see if I found it difficult / came under pressure to drink. I said on Monday that the only thing I was worrying about was the Springsteen gig - I thought I'd "need" alcohol for that. But I was wrong.

I ended up swapping my standing ticket so I could sit with James Dornan (pictured with me) seeing as his mate couldn't go. I think you feel less like drinking when you're sitting anyway but we were surrounded by folk drinking and it made no difference. You can see from the photo that we had a great time - James is no fan of alcohol either so neither of us had a drink.

What I did observe however was the number of folk after the gig who were in a right state because of the amount of alcohol they'd consumed. It was not a pretty sight - some of them couldn't stand up. And, as I walked to the car half a mile away, because I was dead sober, I became more aware of the sh**e people talk when they've been drinking. I found myself wondering how they could possibly have enjoyed the gig when they've dulled their senses so much. Help!!! What's happening to me? I am actually starting to enjoy being sober (and in control) all the time!

Tomorrow I'm going to tell you what or rather WHO inspired me to to do this and that is my lovely cousin who has asked me to call her Penelope. OK she hasn't really asked me to call her Penelope but seeing as we've agreed not to name her properly, I am giving her the least cool name I can think of - purely for my own amusement. Penelope's story is far from amusing but it IS an incredible one and an inspirational one and she's someone I am really really proud of. Tomorrow you'll find out why.

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