Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Indygal ain't going to Westminster

I keep hearing that I am going to be the by-election candidate for Glasgow North-East. There's been a bit of speculation in blogs and a few phone calls and emails but I can say categorically that I am definitely not standing. I have not asked for a nomination and nominations are now closed so it's not even possible for me to stand. There you go - that's definite enough isn't it?

I am very flattered to be speculated about and I absolutely loved being the candidate here for the Scottish Parliament and for Westminster (I stood down earlier this year). However I feel like I've been on a rollercoaster since February when I suddenly found myself not only losing a lovely and dear colleague (in Bashir Ahmad) but also having to step up to the mark and represent the people of Glasgow and the SNP with only a few days' warning.

Now that I'm here, I am happy to report that I LOVE it. It's like most rollercoasters - unpredictable at times, a little scary, but very very exciting. I also have some quite complex constituency cases going on and there's no way in the world that I will abandon them to try for Westminster. No, I'll be focussing on doing the best job I can do in the Scottish Parliament.

Besides, we've plenty of people in the SNP who are more than capable of doing a fantastic job as by-election candidate ... as you will discover at the weekend. I will be throwing myself into supporting our candidate and I am confident that whoever it is, they will represent the people of Glasgow North-East (including myself!) far better than anyone from a party that tells them they CAN't do, rather than they CAN do.

The SNP will not keep you waiting for long - a few days and all will be revealed. Contrast this with the Labour Party who might make folk here wait another 4 months before they get an MP.

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