Monday, 27 July 2009

It's just not cricket

Arrived in Sri Lanka yesterday and got a lift down South from Cath and her son Sam - one of the cutest children you can ever hope to meet. We stopped for lunch on the way and there was muchos excitement from Cath and all the locals when cricketer Sanath Jayasuriya stopped by. I asked Cath to take my photo with him but she preferred to take Sam's - charming! However when I was washing my hands to leave he came over to chat and asked me where I was from, etc etc. For the first time ever in Sri Lanka, I found myself actually waiting for (rather than avoiding) the usual question "and are you married?". Sadly it never came! He did however wait outside to wave goodbye. He was very nice I have to say and I'm definitely supporting the Sri Lankan cricket team in future. It just wouldn't be cricket not to!


  1. “I'm definitely supporting the Sri Lankan cricket team in future.”

    Even against British teams?

  2. You should have asked him how devestated he was after his team got crushed by PAKISTAN in the 20/20 world cup final last month!! yaaaas!

  3. Blog Face - it is sooo obvious who you are, and your spelling has not improved!!