Monday, 13 July 2009

Keep your eye on the ball!

I was gutted to read the news that former Celtic striker John Hartson has been diagnosed with cancer. I was even more upset when I read that he has brain cancer which has spread from testicular cancer because the latter is one of the most easily treatable cancers - if it's caught on time. If it is, there is a 90% chance it will be cured. That's an astonishingly high cure rate and all the more reason to check yourself thoroughly.

Here's how to do it so no giggling, no thinking it won't happen to you, no thinking that you touch yourself up enough to know if there's anything wrong - this link here will tell you EXACTLY how to do it and what, exactly, you are looking for!

I don't know what John Hartson's chances are but I do know everyone's chances are reduced if the cancer has time to spread from one organ to the other. Let's all hope they catch it on time and he makes a full recovery.

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