Monday, 21 June 2010

Death by Pothole

When I first got elected I told a fellow member of the SNP that I was thinking of running a big campaign to sort out the potholes in this city. "No" he said "it's not that big an issue". Last time I listen to him because everyone is going on about them all the time and no wonder, they are terrible. I was driving a friend through Battlefield and he hadn't been in Glasgow for a long time. He actually thought that the Southside of Glasgow had been bombed!

They're dangerous too and I didn't realise quite HOW dangerous until yesterday when I nearly came a cropper as they say! I stepped off the pavement to get into my car, twisted my ankle on a pothole, stumbled and almost fell into the path of a fast moving car. I know I'm prone to exaggeration but not this time, I really thought I was going to be run over and so did my cousin who was with me.

The aforementioned friend who thought Battlefield had been bombed always said I would never have a normal death, it would something really obscure and I suppose death by pothole fits that category - except I'm not dead. Yet! Take my advice and don't be looking at the sky when you're walking, keep your eyes firmly fixed on the ground!

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