Sunday, 6 June 2010

Tesco home delivery - is it just to use up their old stuff?

Apparently Tesco Home Delivery was going to be the answer to my problem getting time to go shopping. So last week I tried it. I'm sure I saw something on their website that promised they would bring only produce with the longest life left in them. So how come I got 2 different types of milk and one had a use by date of 8 June but the other had to be used by 3rd June - the latter being the 2 litres! And this morning I make myself a cup of coffee using the milk that's apparently going to last till Tuesday and it's off. Very frustrating.

Anyway in future I'm going to try Ocado, recommended by my sister. They claim to be environmentally friendly, using low emission delivery vehicles, offering "green van" slots where they tell you when they'll be delivering in your area so you can pick that time and cut down on carbon emissions, and they recruited ecowarriers to go over every inch of their various premises and make sure they were as "eco-friendly" as possible.

Just as importantly for me, going back to the use by dates, they were the first online food retailer anywhere in the world to tell you on the website when you're buying the stuff what the guaranteed life of the product is. So if it says "this milk is only guaranteed for another 4 days" you know not to buy it. Perfect.

If you want to try it click here for Ocado.

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