Sunday, 27 June 2010

In turmoil over the world cup

Ignore the last post, I can't do this. I have more friends and family in England than Germany, the commentators are not the fault of the England fans PLUS I've just looked again at the photo of my lifelong friend Karen's 2 little boys as they eagerly awaited the game. Oh, and they're being utterly thrashed and I always support the underdog. I like supporting ABE (anyone but England) but only to a point. It's a bit of fun but I have this really strong guilt complex and I don't like seeing people disappointed. Mind you, Germany will be disappointed if THEY lose. Oh I'm all at sixes and sevens over this one! And England have just scored so they're back in with a shout. And they've just had a "goal" disallowed so if they lose they can always claim they was robbed. I think I should stop watching!

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