Thursday, 17 June 2010

First Minister calls for review of Florence and Precious case

I was so proud of the SNP government today. And in particular I was proud of our First Minister Alex Salmond who publicly called for the case of Florence and Precious Mhango to be reviewed. I had a question accepted for First Minister's Questions on the detention of children of asylum seekers. You can watch it here if you fast forward to 22 minutes. If you don't have time to watch it, I spoke about the effect of detention on Precious and the First Minister reiterated the SNP government's opposition to before backing Florence and Precious and saying that right across Scottish society there was a huge consensus that their case should be reviewed. I have rarely been more proud of my party leader and I can't tell you hnow emotional Florence was when I told her. I want to be fair to the new UK government. They have barely had time to catch breath never mind make decision like this but I hope that in the very near future, they DO consider the fact that there is indeed a consensus across Scotland and I hope they will show the compassion that was so lacking in the last government.

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