Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Wednesday in parliament

What a busy day it's been here in Parliament. Started with a meeting of the Public Audit Committee which was not always harmonious but was extremely interesting. We took evidence on the NHS performance report and I have to add myself to the list of fans of Dr Harry Burns, Chief Medical Officer. He spoke with such passion about deprivation and the effect on health and how we must do everything we can to tackle the social problems in society. More on that later but despite the long session I could have listened to him for a whole lot longer.

Went straight from there to my SNP MSP Group meeting followed by twenty minutes in the office to look over my speech. Dashed over to the Debating Chamber to hear John Swinney's statement on the British budget - noted how few of the opposition MSPs bothered to show up, anyone would think they didn't care - and then spoke in the Housing debate. Highlighted the need for people with mental health problems to be given additional support in tenancies.

Had time for a quick visit to the Members' Bar in parliament (which, thankfully, is for all passholders, not just Members), phoned my sister to wish her happy birthday and then headed to the Cross Party Group on Racial Equality in Scotland. Came up here to write my blog and get my bags together and I'm now heading out for a quick drink with the members of the cross party group, grab a bite to eat before heading to the B&B I'm staying in. I definitely think I've earned my crust today and enjoyed every minute of it!

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