Thursday, 10 June 2010

Florence and Precious judgement from High Court

A very quick update because this news has obviously meant I have a lot of people to speak to. The judge ruled against them today. This doesn't mean it's over but it's a huge setback for them. Once the legal team read the full judgement they will know if there are grounds for appeal - you can't appeal on the basis that it's "not right" sadly, there have to be robust legal grounds. There are other things underway to try to protect this vulnerable mother and child but I can't go into that right now. All I can say is that I (and many others) will fight for them until every route has been exhausted because this is wrong, very wrong.

PS A quick note to the small but irritating number of bigots out there who frequently (but anonymously) contact me regarding the Mhangos - don't send me your racist, heartless comments, we're talking about a little girl who has survived more in 10 years than any of you could ever cope with in a lifetime.

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  1. The decision is wrong; please let us know to where our donations for future legal and living expenses should go. Keep up your efforts - you have right on your side!