Monday, 21 June 2010

River Kelvin tragedy

There can be few people in Glasgow and across Scotland who've not spent some time today thinking about 13 year old Declan Shanley who drowned trying to save his friend in the River Kelvin. How must his family and friends be feeling now? Declan is the same age as my nephew Daniel and now I feel like locking him in a room so he can't go near any rivers. What can you do? I bet you anything Declan's folks told him to be careful. And normally, maybe he was. But his friend was in danger and this brave wee soul obviously didn't think, he just knew he had to help. His courage won't give much comfort to his family because he's gone and they'll never see him again and that must be almost too much to bear. It's one of those stories that make you so thankful for what you've got and right now, I can't even remember what I thought my problems were.

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