Sunday, 13 June 2010

Here's where your council tax is going in Glasgow

Sometimes I think I have an understanding of people who vote Labour YET AGAIN despite feeling let down by them. Other times I just feel utterly frustrated with them. The latter tends to come when I read articles like this. The Labour Provost of Glasgow City Council is clocking up EIGHT THOUSAND POUNDS A MONTH for a chauffeur driven car. Now I know the system is that he gets a car for official engagements. Fair enough but he used the car at a cost of £300 a day on days where he had NO official engagements.

It's the "justification" that makes me laugh so hard I nearly split my sides. Here's what a spokesperson for him said:

"Public engagements may be the most visible part of the Lord Provost's role, but they represent a relatively small part of his overall workload, which is more likely to see him busy within the city chambers."

Now I know the City Chambers is quite big inside but as far as I'm aware there is no room for a chauffeur driven car so how on earth does he need a car at that cost to the taxpayer if he's inside the city chambers all bloody day?

And one of his councillors who's not well getting a chauffeur to take her to the doctors? Apparently there's a policy of supporting councillors with mobility problems. I accept she's not well but who else in this city gets a chauffeur to take them to the doctor? Are other city council employees treated the same. And if so, can I just say "TWO GRAND A MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!"?

Let me assist.

0141 429 7070 - taxis, a damn site cheaper than chauffeurs and just as effective.

Since 2007 when so many of my friends got elected to the council and many others to parliament, I've been shocked to discover that it seems to be the Labour Party of all people who are into all this elitist nonsense. Whether it's Labour MSPs travelling first class back and forth to Edinburgh or Glasgow councillors abusing their car privileges or slapping each other on the back at their many lavish functions which I rarely attend now because it just makes me so angry, the Labour Party has long since lost it's "party of the people" purpose.

One day people will wake up to that. One day maybe even some of THEM will wake up to it but when the electorate give you second, third, fourth, limitless chances to stop abusing their money, what is the incentive? And is it any wonder that the pathetic explanation given above on behalf of the Lord Provost was all they could be bothered coming up with in their defence?

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  1. David Milliband wants the Labour Party to learns from the success of the Scottish Labour Party ( or more accurately the Labour Party in Scotland).
    So they need more dynastic succession, cronyism, numpytism and waste of public money.
    I was going to blame the media but the media has given these stories loads of coverage in the last few months and the Labour poll ratings have gone up.
    Do we need some sort civic responsibility education in schools to teach the electorate about what sort of standards there should be in public life?