Saturday, 14 November 2009

12 noon today - let's all unite against fascism

A message below from my fellow nat Osama Saeed. It's my first day off after the long by-election and instead of relaxing, I'm off to this demo today. I tell you that not to be a martyr but just to demonstrate how important I believe it is that we are there in numbers to show that Scotland just will not tolerate racism and facism. I attended a meeting at the Central Mosque recently and was impressed by the approach the police are taking so I can verify all the reassurances Osama gives below. I hope to see you there - it starts at 12 noon at Nelson's Column in Glasgow Green.

The message from Osama Saeed

"The Scottish Defence League planning a demonstration against Muslims today in Glasgow has given Scotland an excuse to celebrate our diversity, and the different threads that are woven to make up the tartan of our society.We also wanted to show after protests in England that have had some violence, that we could handle the situation peacefully here in Scotland.

"By gathering civil society in the impressive way that has been managed through the Scotland United initiative, we have given ourselves the best chance of that. Defeating fascism is not being left to lone campaign groups and young Muslims. Minorities, including Muslims, are being defended by the great and the good of our country.

"There will be a rally at Glasgow Green from 12pm with prominent speakers and musicians. From there we will march through the city centre, stopping for a minute of silence at the war memorial on George Square and dispersing thereafter.It is Scotland United’s determination that the day pass peacefully as a day of celebration. We have maintained close communication with Strathclyde Police to ensure this goes smoothly, and will be doing so on the day too.

"We have an understanding that we will not be marching down any streets until they are cleared as is the norm with such events. We also have a clear policy of avoiding direct confrontation with the SDL. Police are in agreement with this and the SDL will not be allowed to protest or congregate anywhere near where Scotland United will be.

"There may be rumours and text messages circulating on the day about all manner of other actions or locations where the SDL may or may not be. Please follow directions given from the stage and event organisers only.We look forward to this fantastic occasion."

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