Saturday, 21 November 2009

News from Yarls Wood

On a brighter note than the one below, Florence phoned me earlier from Yarls Wood. She sounded calm and she is gaining strength from being kept updated about how many emails or calls I've had about her and how many folk have joined the Facebook group.

She told me Precious was outside playing with other children also awaiting deportation. I was so relieved to hear that because I can't tell you how utterly traumatised she was last time she was there. She cried a lot on the journey down south which must have been just dreadful for her mum because what comfort could she offer her? But at least when we spoke Precious was playing and not crying.

And Florence herself had found someone to talk to. She said she cried with relief when she met a Nigerian woman who she knew from Glasgow. They used to sign at the UKBA at the same time. We managed to laugh a little when she said to me "all we are doing is crying all the time but at least we are crying together". Small mercies eh?

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