Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Some folk can't get out of Dungavel and some can't get in

I've been speaking to folk at Dungavel tonight. I want to go and visit Florence and Precious (see previous posts) but I have to be in parliament tomorrow afternoon and apparently it's only lawyers who can visit in the morning. I've asked them to make an exception seeing as I do represent them and have been working with them for some time now. Fingers crossed. The BBC seem interested so hopefully that will help. And I've emailed a high heid yin to see if they can make representation - not sure if it's possible but again, fingers crossed. That seems to be all we can do just now. Spoke to Chris, a disabled lady from Cranhill who is very close to the Mhangos and she's devastated. She is recovering from a heart attack and it's clearly better for her to stay away from stress but all she cares about is getting Precious home and safe. I know we can't say yes to everyone but I really believe we have to do something here.

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