Friday, 13 November 2009

"Never forget that just being is fun" - Katharine Hepburn

I met a wee girl tonight. A very wee girl. 8lb and 10 oz to be precise. And not yet 24 hours old although she will be by the time I finish writing this. Her name is Rebecca Catherine Hepburn and I thought a piece of advice from her famous namesake would not go amiss. Her mummy and daddy are Julie and Jamie Hepburn. Jamie is a Central Scotland MSP and Julie has a good chance of being the Cumbernauld MP at the next election.They are both over the moon and no wonder because she is absolutely adorable. Soft smooth skin apart from her wee hands which are very crinkly and very cute. She has curly ears, lots of dark hair and already she's learned to stick out her bottom lip which I think she gets from her mum who perfected that one very early on too I'd imagine! Anyway she's all snuggly and cute and just a perfect wee baby girl but I've not put a photo up because her mum and dad have an exclusivity deal with "Gaun yerself" Magazine.
I hope she will take the advice from her namesake and remembers that life may have its ups and downs but it's an amazing adventure she's embarking on and just being alive is pretty special. Anyway welcome to the world wee Rebecca, you've a lovely family waiting for you and you're going to make them all very happy! Right, I'm away to greet again :-)

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