Thursday, 5 November 2009

The hypocrisy of Willie Bain

Just been watching the Politics Show on STV. Willie Bain, the Labour candidate in the by-election really bothers me when he sits there with a wee smile on his face, agreeing that the constituency of Glasgow North East has some of the worst health and educational records, in other words, some of the worst luck, in the country. Apparently though, he lives here and cares deeply about all these things and wants to do something about the problems. So why hasn't he? He's Secretary of the Labour Party in the constituency, worked closely with Michael Martin and Paul Martin, the "dynamic" father and son duo who seem pretty satisfied with their track records (even if nobody else is), indeed his party has been in charge there for SEVENTY FOUR YEARS. So why does he SUDDENLY want to do something about it? If he cared that much he'd have spoken out before now. As secretary of Labour, Willie Bain colluded in the complacency that resulted in people here having to put up with higher rates of drug and alcohol addiction and deaths, higher rates of heart disease, lower life expectancy, lower numbers of people leaving school with qualifications etc etc. Where have they been? Where has Willie Bain been? He's been HERE in the constituency, going to his Labour Party meetings, telling folk to keep voting Labour, knowing that Labour was doing next to nothing for the people. Is he even aware of his bare faced cheek or does he actually believe any of the guff he comes out with? And will my fellow voters fall for it? Time will tell. We've a week to go. He has achieved one thing tonight mind you. He's doubled my resolve to get out and work hard to secure the election of David Kerr, the SNP's candidate. It's about time this area had someone who cares as deeply as he does. Here's hoping.


  1. Good luck Indy. My my, Willie Bain's a really busy man isn't he. Teaching at a London uni, part time carer of his mother, (as Kez informed me on my blog), secretary of the local labour party (which can be a time consuming task) and of course past election agent for the only Speaker ever to have been sacked.

    A busy man indeed, with little to say you're right there.

    Again good luck with your campaigning.

  2. Must say I cannot imagine why in God's name the people of Glasgow keep voting for people who really dont give a **** about improving life.As for their work in "Housing regeneration", well new homes do not change society - it is a bandage alone which provides an appearance of action.

  3. Likewise Indygal!
    I didn't think I'd get any time to go campaigning and someone who could get me there from here (lacking I a car), but as it turns out I managed to come down and do a round of leafletting today.
    Just home, absolutely shattered…we got the tower flats!

    Was gonna say hi to you but I think I missed you, musta been out with Alex as well, missed his entourage!
    Had fun anyways and I'll hope to make it down again in the week if I can.