Friday, 13 November 2009

What Jim Murphy thinks of Scotland

Jim Murphy is doing most of the talking at the live by-election press conference for the Labour Party. He's just said in his smugger-than-I-thought-possible fashion that "the SNP got too big for their boots". And that just about sums up his nasty unionist attitude to his own country. They do not want the people of Scotland to get "too big for their boots" and by that they mean they do not want the people of Scotland to have any confidence in their ability to run their own country. It's an outrage, as far as the likes of Murphy is concerned, that we should dare to imagine we might have the skills or the talent or even the right to do what normal countries do and make our own decisions. And for promoting that relentlessly positive message about our faith in the people of Scotland, Murphy's Mob brand us as being "too big for our boots". Shameful.


  1. That's a lot to infer from the phrase 'the SNP got to big for its boots'!

    I don't like Murphy or his party but an attack on the SNP is not an attack on Scotland.

  2. The man wears his ego like aftershave.

    Nearly went to bed last night because the Jim Murphy Show was all too much. I suspect he'll be back on the BBC on Sunday to say how wonderful the people of Glasgow NE really are. Must remember I'm washing my hair then.