Sunday, 1 November 2009

By-election signs

Quick update on the Glasgow North East by-election. Had a brilliant day on Friday. Alex Salmond spent the day in the constituency and we went along to Alive and Kicking in Red Road - where we ended up having a sing song with the singing group there. Rather than duplicate, you can read about it here on the by-election blog.

Now if you've been following the by-election you'll know that we've been talking a lot about the fact that Labour have been in charge in the area for 74 years, yes SEVENTY FOUR YEARS and let's face it, that's too long for any party.

So, back to the Alive and Kicking Project. Bob Doris MSP and myself were chatting so long to everyone there that Alex Salmond and David Kerr went on ahead to the next visit which was the bingo hall in Possilpark where they were treated to the First Minister calling the bingo.

We arrived just in time for the journalists to emerge from the hall laughing at the irony when Alex called the winning number and it was 74! Could it be an omen? Let's hope so. And let's hope the rapturous response Alex Salmond and David Kerr got at both visits is also an indication that things are changing in Glasgow North East!

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