Monday, 23 November 2009

You've given Precious hope

If you could see the size of my smile right now you wouldn't recognise me. I have just received 2 phone calls.

1) Florence Mhango at 6.09pm: "Annie, we are going back to Yarls Wood, they have cancelled our flight."

2) Paul Chen QC: "We now have to advance the arguments but we live to fight another day Anne."

So, they are off the flight and now they have an advocate ready to fight their case. I know a wee girl who has suddenly got some hope tonight. It's only the start of the fight to save her and her mum but in 5 minutes time they could have been leaving forever, on their way to an uncertain and unsafe future.
More later but for now, I just want to thank everyone for all your help so far.


  1. Just to let you know Indygal,
    I received a letter today dated 25th Nov, as follows -
    Public Correspondence
    UK Border Agency
    Home Office
    Lunar House
    40 Wellesley Road
    CR9 2BY

    Dear Mr Kane
    Thank you for your letter of 23/11/2009 [it was an email] about the immigration matters of Ms Florence Mhango & her daughter.

    Your support has been noted and your letter will be attached to their personal case file for future consideration of the case.

    Yours sincerely

    Public Correspondence Team

    Here is the email I sent. It's not very eloquent but is respectful, as all such correspondence always should -

    Dear Minister,
    could you please help this mother and child and prevent them being deported from the UK on Monday.

    This sort of thing helps no-one and would help the Labour Party and UK Labour Government in Scotland, I'm very sure.

    I know this is a bit late in the day but so was their detention and their planned deportation.

    Yours sincerely Minister