Thursday, 12 November 2009

Polling Day

I was out from 7am this morning with my niece Christie delivering last minute election material to voters in Glasgow North East. She said it felt like Christmas. I guess she meant the early start and the anticipation. I know what she means but I think my bones must be getting older (even if I'm not) because after a few hours of running around I was starting to get sore. We kept going but I do sometimes wonder what non politicos must make of us. Probably think we're very sad. Christie said she used to wonder what my obsession was all about but she understands now. She's referring to my obsession with campaigning incidentally, not my obsession with independence - she's never had any trouble comprehending that one. Anyway as she told me she could really see what it was all about and how much she was enjoying it, all I could think was "oh dear, another McLaughlin bites the dust"! Lost to the joys of SNP campaigning. Still, it's another pair of hands. Right, back to chapping doors. Fingers crossed for a great result tonight.

1 comment:

  1. The hard pounding of the snp cannons fall silent the fog of battle slowly clears to reveal.
    The shining citadel of a Labour Glasgow North East glinting in the early morning sun..

    the people of Glasgow North East have spoken
    and with once voice they have cryed out......

    FREEDOM! from the snp